Amer & Ani believes good architecture results in buildings both aesthetics and high efficiency throughout year, our studios blend exceptional design skills and creative vision to produce buildings that have long-lasting performance, cultural and environmental impact on communities and organizations. We provides comprehensive Architectural and engineering design services encompassing all specialized fields successfully design and construct a single or a complex of buildings.

Our design approach is thoughtful and collaborative, which apply consistent design process in all aspects of the projects –From the architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, structural design and urban design

Type of Projects

  • Residential
  • Apartments
  • Villas
  • Individual Houses
  • Individual Bungalows
  • Group housing
  • Township development
  • Farm houses
  • Hospitality
  • Religious
  • Retail design
  • Renovation
  • Industrial design
  • Institutional/educational design
  • Commercial /shopping malls
  • IT parks


  • Conceptual Design
  • Design Development
  • Planning & programming
  • Feasibility studies/condition assessments
  • Code compliance
  • Design/documentation
  • Construction Drawings & Specifications
  • Workplace evaluation
  • Coordination of Consultant Services
  • Cost Estimating & Analysis
  • Sustainability assessment & design (LEED)


“Creating memorable experiences through detailing”

Our Hospitality clients and developers want to differentiate themselves from the growing competitive market by providing unique guest experiences. We help our clients to create unique, memorable ambiences. Each design solution is unique and designed to fit its brand, its location and the quality of our client’s aspirations. By adding the personal touches in the design to find profitable and practical ways to balance luxurious ambience with tight margins, In long run it should be more efficient and aesthetically pleasing to withstand in the future decades.

Amer&Ani expertise in amenity design includes suite rooms, guest rooms, swimming pool and spa, fitness centre, retail, entertainment, and fine, casual and grab and go dining.


We will study and analyze the surrounding culture and context for the development. We will guide clients based on our study and analysis for typology of resort to develop based on their needs and budgets. With similar lines we developed eco resort, floating cottage theme near parankipetai added in our portfolio for further details. We also navigate clients for authority drawings and environmental clearances.

IT Parks

Amer&Ani creates IT parks for corporate and property developers to suit their requirements and aspirations with latest technology, efficient work environment, lifestyle and sustainable office building design. The task of the building is to design the building to maximum efficiency to attract good residents for best income. We will evolve the appearance of the IT park with response to the surrounding context through its form, materials, proportion, surrounding landscape designs helps to achieve the positive link to the cityscape.


Amer &Ani architects has an extensive portfolio of successful apartments projects both in multistoried and special buildings across Chennai and other cities , We are top architects in Chennai for high-rise apartments and township developments with services including site selection, site planning, master planning, Prototype study, Building byelaws & Percentage of unit mixes based on our vast experience in the apartments design.

We approach every project with uniqueness to create living spaces that also increase quality of life to the end users, as whole each project should reflect the goals, ideals, and core values of our client in a sustainable manner. Amer&Ani architects are leader in the provision of contemporary residential design and High-rise apartment’s design being highly experienced in the field solves the most complex problems in the organization of habitable spaces. While designing for private and public sector, we are one among the few architects in Chennai to undertake research for the evolving prototypes size based on people’s lifestyle and their needs and essential character of the place with that we derive the design principles results in units of highest quality that is also cost effective.

Our scopes includes

  • Design process includes conceptual and 3d generated images
  • Area statements
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Perspective views for both exterior and interiors
  • Drawings preparation bases on local byelaws and norms
  • Tender drawings
  • Producing site execution drawing documents

Renovation + Reuse

“Bring back hidden lines to thicker lines”

Valuing the past to withstand in future by extending the life span and bring back identity of buildings was carried out by our architects and interior designers for many decades in the process of renovating, preserving and adapting existing properties. Our projects have included designated historic landmarks, conversion of buildings in our urban centers, buildings suffering from wear over time, and buildings requiring technology and norms upgrades. For many clients, we have adapted existing properties to new requirements; Nilgiris building in brigade road Bangalore and gomathi theatre in Chennai are similar kind of projects in our portfolio. Amer&Ani architects approach each renovation project with a spirit of discovery and a commitment to solutions that bring back from the original character from the hidden lines.

Amer&Ani expertise in amenity design includes suite rooms, guest rooms, swimming pool and spa, fitness centre, retail, entertainment, and fine, casual and grab and go dining.

Institutional Buildings

Amer&Ani architects creates  livable and learning environment to inspire students, Campus must provide spaces to fit the students life, It should be modern, comfortable quit spaces, individual space, small and large gatherings, social interaction,retails,playgrounds and open spaces . With beautiful, secure design, Institutional buildings celebrate the history and culture of a place, a creative approach enables us to positive learning environments offering flexibility through choices.

Campus planning

  • Future expansion without affecting ambience of the campus
  • Architectural theme to suit the present and future technological needs and expectations
  • Creating Environment based on sustainable principles to support future
  • Plan flexibility for generation and other shifts
  • We will integrate Architecture, Interiors, and landscape design to camouflage in a common language to create healthy and sustainable campus.

Residential Buildings

Our design studio focuses on a wide variety of housing types: from large-scale multi unit dwellings to single-family condominiums and residences. We help the clients to understand their needs and functionality on the dwellings through Building models and sketches. Final result will be the desired product of the clients’ aspirations.

For individual bungalows our aim is to design homes and ambience for them where end-users should enjoy and experience the spaces around him. We focus on our client’s expectations and dreams about their house. Individual houses are personally attached to everyone’s dream, we respect their vision and requirements and develop the design through collaborative method in align with clients language. We bring the dream house from blue print to reality without any deviations.

Based on client’s brief we will develop design concept based on vasthu principles and contemporary styles. We believe homes and their settings should have tangible value. They must meet the financial and social goals of their developers and their resident’s .we ensure to create high quality and usable space as within planned budgets. We focus to create a sense of connection between internal and external spaces by allowing natural light and transparency in the house. We achieve I through collaborative design process

We are leading architects in Chennai with many years of design experience in the field of residential category our portfolio will have projects ranges from individual houses, bungalows, villas, farm houses, beach houses, weekend homes etc.

Office Interiors

Amer&Ani architects is a leading firm of corporate office interior designs, providing office interior designs for both public and private sector clients. Our approach to Office interior design was their desire to create a flexible, collaborative office environment that would encourage cultural change within the working environment, promoting and enabling creativity and productivity.

For each project our design solutions based on current and future workspace requirements at the same it will be feasible and affordable. We follow design methodology which enables clients to gain maximum benefit from their available office space

The working environment should reflect the company’s values. Our scope for office interior design including special planning for required workstations, meeting areas and conference room design, storage spaces, furniture design and selection, fabric, paintings, color scheme selection based on the design concept and budget.


Amer&Ani approach to retail design enables us to provide creative solutions in terms of efficient utilization of spaces even in the complex spaces, to create market a profitable atmosphere for costomers.We have experienced in giving solutions for renovation projects to boutiques and small retails/commercial along with engineering inputs.

We plan with phase wise construction process to open the operation in the initial stage that allows our clients business growth.